Welcome to the Punitentiary.

Look at the size of these puns! Created by me, Rushani.


Japanese teachers are sensei-tional. 


Q: Where can you find fried gyoza?

A: In Ja-pan!


When a woman gives birth on a flight a baby is airborne.


I made a pun about a biscuit once, it was a real cracker.


Q: What will occur when the world runs out of bamboo?

A: Complete pandamonium.


Q: What religion are ghosts?

A: Boodhists. 


Q: What do you call a reunion of tomatoes?

A: A ketch-up. 


Q: Why did the cat burglar fish around for food? 

A: Because he was paw and couldn’t affurd to purrchase any.


The former queen of The Netherlands is not Queen Bea anymore.


Q: Why did the King Parrot send the Woodpecker to the punitentiary?

A: Because he had committed treeson.